James - Editorial Immortal

Name : James Taylor


Age : 28


How did you meet Nige : We met through Purpleport


What do you enjoy / like about working with Nige : He works hard to produce an amazing set of photos. They’re all well thought out, concepts clear and every fine detail acknowledged. His communication is brilliant, it allows you to feel so relaxed and in full understanding of what you can do on the shoot.


How does it feel being one of the top Immortals : It’s an honour being one of the top Immortal ModelArmy members. Nige works with a lot of handsome guys, producing different pics, but I’m happy that our pics have a different edge where they stand out among the rest. All down to Nige’s clear vision for our shoots!


Do you have a favourite image or shoot that you've done with : One of my favourite pictures is the AHS jumper photo. It’s playing around with a fashion element, nude tease, the slogan, the backdrop... it’s such a fun picture and taken beautifully!


What would you say to other models considering a shoot with Nige : Why haven’t you shot with him before? Haha! He’s a genius and great fun to work with. Be prepared to work for the image but it’s all about working together with Nige.

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