Jason - Immortal Activist

Name : Jason Domino


Age : 32

How did you meet Nige : On Instagram

What do you enjoy / like about working with Nige : I like the production quality of his shots and his creative eye.

How does it feel being one of the top Immortals : Like I am invincible. In honesty it is nice for me because I work hard at Rights activism and am not often chosen for positions like this, thank you.

Do you have a favourite image or shoot that you've done with Nige : Me lying naked, limp on the bed covered in red umbrella badges... the red umbrella is the symbol of sex worker Rights and safety from harm. The image creates the illusion of the aftermath of violence to a sex worker. This is powerful to me as the fight for Rights is to protect the community from rape and murder.

What would you say to other models considering a shoot with Nige : Listen to your heart, if you see a green light, then, get your cock out and enjoy yourself!

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