Stuart - Immortal Knight

Name: Stuart Knight


Age: 24


How did you meet Nige: On a Networking site called Purple Port 


What do you enjoy / like about working with Nige: Working with Nige is amazing! He looks after his models extremely well. Nige has great ideas and knows how to shoot his models. He knows what will work and what won't. He takes your ideas on board and will try them out! 


How does it feel being one of the top Immortals: It feels amazing. Being an Immortal you belong in an amazing group of people. It's like a little family!! 


Do you have a favourite image or shoot that you've done with Nige : My favourite image is the image Nige took for his 2020 calendar and my favourite shoot is the one in the factory where I collaborated with the twisted immortal Adam 


What would you say to other models considering a shoot with Nige: Go for it, you'll have an amazing time, amazing photos and you'll make a friend for life!

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