Octavian - Immortal Unicorn

Name: Octavian (Immortal Unicorn)

Age: 31 

How did I met Nige: I was admiring his work, on Instagram, for couple of years now and we got talking and we were imagining what it would be like if we work together. Thankfully our calendars synchronised and the chemistry is obvious. 


What do I enjoy/like about working with Nige: From the moment we met, sparks flew. He is a caring, considerate photographer that makes the model feel at ease and comfortable. I believe that by having this, the model can give everything for his camera and together they can produce amazing magic. 


How does it feel being one of the top Immortals: I am very honoured that Nige chose me as one of his top models. It was very unexpected and I’m very grateful for this. Hope I do him proud! 


Do you have a favourite image or shoot that you've done with Nige? From the shoot that we have done together, it’s hard to choose one. The shoot that we did produced a lot of good quality photos and I'd say it would be the one where I’m staring in the mirror and Nige took the shot from behind. 


What would you say to other models considering a shoot with Nige ? I would say ‘ GO FOR IT’. If Nige chose's you, that means he sees something in you and he can help you bring that special thing you have out of you and capture it in a way that’s edgy and tasteful. 

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