Dark Lady

Something a bit different from the vaults... a female model !

Carrie is one of the original Immortals, and has always been very special to me. Her attitude is very trusting and as you'll see from the images, we created a huge variety of looks.

ImmortalMag : So Carrie, When or how did you start modelling ?

Carrie-Ann Edwards : I guess I don't see myself as a model, I just have a good friend who is great at taking pictures.

IM : How did you meet Nige ?

CE : I met Nige too many years ago when we both worked together in a call centre in Warrington.

IM : How did the subject of modelling come up ?

CE : Nigel asked if had done anything like before and would i be interested. He said he would like to take some pics as he liked my dress sense and as we were friends then I didn't hesitate. In those days I was all about the heels, shirt and tie.

IM : When you were approached by Nige, what did you think ?

CE : I thought this guy must be mad to want to take pictures of me!! But let's give it a go.

IM : Tell us more about your first shoot, what was that like ?

CE : Our first shoot was in a scrap yard and I'm sure the owner thought we were a bit mad! It was great fun and we got some great shots. I felt at ease and Nige was great suggesting different ways to pose and it was clear he had a vision for the pictures. It was tricky walking round it in heels but it was worth it.

IM : What is it you enjoy about modelling ?

CE : I just liked the different ideas we would have and then try them out. Some worked, some not so much ha ha !

IM : How was it working with Nige ?

CE : As Nige is a good friend I always love spending time with him, whether he bring the camera or not. When he did it was always fun and he has great vision with what he wants to get some images.

IM : Do you have a favourite image that you’ve done ?

CE : The twisted fairy tales pictures are a firm favourite as you get to play a role rather than be yourself.

IM : You have a few darker images in the selection Nige has shown us, is that a style you prefer ?

CE : I do prefer that style, you get to play more of a character in shoots like that and bring out some of your own dark side.

IM : Any funny or memorable shoots you’d like to tell us about ?

CE : They were all fun, never were any of them hard work. The ones we took in London where fun, lots of great backgrounds and a good excuse to get away together. All the shoots I did with Nige were so fun and his skills meant we got some great photos of the back of it.

IM : What was it like working on the shots with the balloons, that looks like it was good fun.

CE : The balloon shoot was so much fun, so different than what we had done before. It meant we had to think of different things to do with them and bring them in to the shot, lots of static from them made my hair crazy.

IM : What do you like doing in your spare time ?

CE : I'm my spare time I'm quite a social person, so I like to see friends, whether that be to have a brew or a glass of two of wine.

IM : Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Carrie, it's been amazing learning more about you.

CE : You're welcome.

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