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Updated: May 4, 2018

About five years ago, I came across an incredibly creative and talented photographer on Model Mayhem. His work is raw and captured beautifully. Over time we spoke more and more. I'm a huge fan of his work and after this article I hope you will be too.

ImmortalMag : Let’s start from the beginning, what started you off in the business ?

David Fallu : When I moved to Quebec City in 2010, I've founded a studio (YXY STUDIO) with 2 other photographers and this is what started me off in the business. This is when I started to collaborate with new people, which helped me develop my artistic network and gave me the chance to know and collaborate with new talents.

IM : Where does your inspiration come from ?

DF : From everything I see and find aesthetically interesting. I'm often inspired by old baroque paintings of still life and portraits. I'm also inspired by the work of other photographers like Nan Goldin, Erwin Olaf, David Lachapelle, Joel-Peter Witkins. I also get inspired on a daily basis by the work of photographers who mainly do male nude like Renaud Duc, Freddy Krave, Florian Hetz, Ron Amato, Manuel Moncayo and many more.

IM : When did you first pick up a camera and realize this was something you wanted to do ?

DF : When I was studying photography and I finally began to develop my own personal style. I think this is when I realized that this is what I really wanted to do. Starting to do self-portraits was a real revelation for me too.

IM : What do you look for when approaching a new model to work with, or when a model asks to work with you ?

DF : I don't really look for something special when I approach new models or when someone asks me to work with them except if I have a really precise concept to realize. I really just enjoy collaborating with new creative open minded people. I want to be sure that the models are comfortable with what we will create and that they have fun.

IM : What is it about being a photographer that excites or inspires you the most ?

DF : I'm more an introvert in my personal life so photography is a way for me to express myself without having to say any words. Doing self-portraits is something really important in my practice of photography and it helps me to disconnect from my everyday life. It helps me to become someone else for a few clicks and to express an idea, an emotion or a concept. Being able to transform reality and/or myself is something that always excites me when I'm doing a shooting.

IM : What do you find to be the most challenging part of a shoot ?

DF : I think that preproduction is the most challenging part of a shooting. The more time you spend on preproduction, the less problem you will have during or after the shooting. It helps you to have a clearer point of view of what you want to do, so it's a really important step. It's essential especially when you need to organize a lot of elements (eg : in still life photography) or a group of people. I almost always do a test shoot the day before a big shooting to be sure that all my equipment is functional and that I'm able to create the light/atmosphere that I need. So if something isn't going well I have a little bit of time to find a solution before the shoot.

IM : What do you want people to take away from viewing your work ?

DF : Most of the time I prefer to evoke an emotion or an idea instead of simply showing it. So I like when people are questioning my work and interpret it their way. I like when they don't clearly find answers so they keep looking at my work. I do think that the photographs you like the most are the ones that you cannot solve.

IM : Have you ever had any negative experiences during your photographic career ?

DF : Not really for the moment and I hope it will still that way:)

IM : What is the best experience you have had during your photographic career ? Or what was your favourite shoot that you have done ?

DF : In 2011, one of my self-portraits was chosen and I was a finalist in the international Nikon photo contest. It was the first real professional contest in which I participated and I came in third place, so I was pretty happy about it.

IM : What is the most unusual or exotic place you have photographed ?

DF : I almost never leave my studio for shooting, so I've never really photographed anything really unusual or exotic, but I do like to take picture when I travel. I've took some pictures in Mexico and France.

IM : What do you like doing in your spare time ?

DF : Drawing, painting, listening to music, watching movies, spend time with my boyfriend ;)

You can view more of David's incredible work at :


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