Meet The Immortals - James Sutton

One of the most recent additions to ModelArmy, the handsome and talented James Sutton... This guy almost slipped away. I had seen his work on Model Mayhem over a year ago, and kept thinking "He's a fashion model and would never work with me"

Thankfully, I eventually asked if he'd be interested in collaborating and since then we have shot twice, with more planned.

Name : James Sutton

Age : 27

ImmortalMag : How did you get started in modelling ?

James Sutton : Through acting and getting head shots done, the photographer said I reacted well and should model, so I got into it.

IM : How do you feel about being part of ModelArmy and the Immortals ?

JS : It’s great, me and Nigel turned out some great images on our shoots that always inspire more shoots. His portfolio won me over so I'm happy to be up there with his team.

IM : Do you have a favourite image, or shoot and why ?

JS : My favourite is the "Normal people scare me" shoot, it was cheeky, a fun concept, I love the outcome of that image.

IM : What do you enjoy about working with Nige ?

JS : He has clear concepts and doesn't give up on a shot until the image is perfected. I'm a perfectionist so if I see the image and wish I had extended an arm or pushed a little more it’s annoying, but Nigel see's things like this and knows how to get the image to its best potential.

IM : What inspires you ?

JS : Creative people, anyone with vision and drive always inspires me to give my best.

IM : How do you prepare for a shoot ?

JS : Make sure communication is good before hand with all involved, understand the concept and what is needed from me, then gym and personally prepare/groom if its needed.

IM : Do you prefer a photographer to direct the ideas on a shoot or to have some form of creative collaboration ?

JS : I like a mix of both, I don't mind a photographer directing but if it becomes too direct then I lose creative freedom.

IM : What is it about being a model that excites or inspires you the most ?

JS : Creativity, it’s such an amazing outlet for me. Anything that involves art that I can use my face and body to emote something is truly amazing.

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