Meet The Immortals - Lolito Malibu

Lolito Malibu is a DJ from Madrid, I first met him on Model Mayhem back in 2010. We very quickly started talking about the possibility of working together, even though we were in different countries.

After a few weeks Lolito sent a message to say he was visiting the UK.... The rest is history

Name : Héctor Iglesias (Lolito Malibú)

Age : 32

ImmortalMag : How did you get started in modelling ?

Lolito Malibu : When I was 16, I wanted to work as an actor and dancer and started to collaborate in different projects.

IM : How do you feel about being part of ModelArmy and the Immortals ?

LM : Very proud that someone I admire put his eyes on me.

IM : Do you have a favourite image, or shoot and why ?

LM : My favourite photo is the one that we took in Madrid I'm wearing a short Grey onesie and a furry hat, because I think catches my persona perfectly and also reminds me one of my favourite books 'Where the wild things are'

IM : What do you enjoy about working with Nige ?

LM : I felt very comfortable and free. I can be myself all the time with no shame. It's like working with family.

IM : What inspires you ?

LM : Everything! I take references for all the things around me. Movies, music, fashion, art, animals, toys, cartoons, travels, streets... We live in a world full of beauty and you can find it everywhere!

IM : You have a very unique sense of style and fashion, where does that come from ?

LM : I'm not sure... My family never was very fashionable or careful about the way they look. But they always support me and make me believe in me and what I like. Since I was a child, I was always very curious and wanted to know everything, always with a book, music or watching TV... Or everything at same time!

When I grew up, I studied to be fashion stylist and learnt how to build all my ideas and make them real. Also, working as DJ, makes it possible that I can wear things with own aesthetics and just enjoy being myself!

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