Meet The Immortals - Stephen Higginson

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Name : Stephen Higginson

  Age :34 ImmortalMag : How did you get started in modelling ?

Stephen Higginson :

After my mental health deteriorated about 4 years ago I started to hit the gym. Running and a healthy diet really helped things turn around. When the physical gains started to show I decided to give modelling a go. I had been approached a few times but never really had the confidence. I had always wanted to try it.  IM : How do you feel about being part of ModelArmy and the Immortals ?  

SH : Good fun. I’ve not met them all but had a laugh when we did the calendar shoot.  IM : Do you have a favourite image, or shoot and why ?

SH : A nude we did in black and white. Great shadows. IM : What do you enjoy about working with Nige ?

SH : He’s good with direction and always makes you feel relaxed.

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