Phoenix Part 1 - Cover Story

The first part of this month's cover story features the incredible Gabriel Phoenix.

Having been a fan of his modelling work for so long, it was amazing it finally work together last year. We got on really well at the shoot, and kept in touch.

Gabriel has a full interview later this month, with another spread from our second shoot.

ImmortalMag : You've worked with Nige twice now, what brought you back in front of his camera ? Gabriel Phoenix : Nige was very easy to work with the first time and subsequently remained in contact after. I've recently been doing some charity fundraising to raise money for Stonewall, with the message of overcoming fear and self doubt. We'd been bouncing the idea back and forth about how we could bestow this powerful message into images. We used the metaphor of a man bound in chains, restrained by the visibility of his own negative self image reflected on his body as words of insult. By dispersing these words we symbolised him overcoming these doubts and breaking free of his' chains.

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