Phoenix Part 2 - Cover Story

As promised, here is the second part of this month's cover story. Gabriel took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to talk to us.

ImmortalMag : Hi Gabe, Let’s start at the beginning, tell us a bit about yourself.

Gabriel Phoenix : Okay so, I’m Gabriel Phoenix ! Though, I’m probably not as angelic as my namesake :) I’m 28 years old, a Leo through and through! Born in east London and raised as a cockney! I’m generally an easy going guy who likes to stay in shape and also to snuggle up and geek out as much as any guy !

IM : When or how did you start modelling ?

GP : I dabbled in modelling as a teen for some alternative fashion brands. It wasn’t until I fully extended my....err wings, shall we say? Within the adult industry, that I rekindled my passion for modelling.

IM : How did you get involved in the adult industry ?

GP : I've always been a fan of porn and it's something I've always considered getting involved with but, I think I really lacked the confidence. I was lucky enough to have made the right connections that gave me an insight into how the industry operates and what it is like firsthand to be on a UK porn set, at a time when I was ready in mind and body.

IM : We've heard that you've won awards, how does that feel ? Could you tell us a bit more about what you've won ?

GP : Ha, well I've won one award so far, fingers crossed it won't be the last one! It's actually a really great award, Prowler Porn Awards "Best British Newcomer of 2017" and I'm honoured to have received it. The competition was really strong and it's tough when most of them are co-stars and friends, so it's nice to know your work is appreciated, even among your talented peers.

IM : As someone involved in the adult industry, do you think that has an impact on the types of shoots you are offered ?

GP : Yeah, I mean the adult industry has been a great platform for the modelling! It lands me a lot of modelling jobs and It’s also helped me to build a fan base that transfers between the genres seamlessly. Most of my shoots are definitely related to the Male form or have some sort of sexual energy which is totally okay from my point of view. I think that having control over this sexual energy, has been, and I hope will continue to be, an empowering experience.

IM : When you were approached by Nige, what did you think ?

GP : Ha ! I’ll refrain from making any puns about me running away very fast! I jest of course; Nige, actually approached me a while ago and we had planned to shoot but sadly our schedules did not meet up conveniently enough for the go ahead! Thankfully, recent working arrangements have meant that we finally had the chance to collaborate and I think it’s been worth the wait !

IM : What is it you enjoy about modelling ?

GP : All the free shit !! I mean much free shit !! Ha ha ha honestly, there are two things I love about modelling, the first being that these moments of beauty and art are “immortalised” (see what I did there?) years from now I can say look, I was handsome once ! The second, is the awesome and diverse people you get to meet! Everyone is a character and I love finding things I like in each of them !

IM : How was it working with Nige?

GP : So easy ! It’s so relaxing and laid back, there’s no pressure in any way and very good feedback constantly throughout! I think this atmosphere produces some amazing results as I’m sure you’ll agree !

IM : How do you prepare for a shoot ?

GP : Well it depends on the shoot and how mentally or physically gruelling it will be! If focus is on my body then I always want to make sure I’m in peak physical condition, aesthetically at least ! If it’s mentally challenging then I like to ensure a great night rest, plenty of water and a good few hours of alone time, beforehand just to ground myself! Otherwise, I have my own beauty regimes as I’m sure everyone out there does !

IM : You clearly have a great physique, how often do you train at the gym ? Or what is your regime to keep looking so good ?

GP : Ha lemons and sex ! Lemons are a natural fat burner so drinking a fresh lemon squeezed into water, daily, really helps to keep you trim! I aim to hit the gym daily! Of course, life doesn’t always allow for this, in which case I’ll try and get some training in at home, whether it be a short and burst or a run ! I can also credit part of my physique to being an avid sportsman ! I regularly ice skate and climb as much as I can.

IM : What is it about being a model that excites or inspires you the most ?

GP : The possibilities for creativity are endless! I have such an uncontrollable imagination and have a guy crush on anything mythological or culturally diverse! I love how being a model allows you to express these inner desires! As a recent example, I was shooting one day as an office worker advertising some straight laced product, then the next day, frolicking in a wedding dress, blurring the boundaries of gender and masculinity in the name of art !

IM : Have you got any projects lined up ?

GP : I have lots of projects constantly on the go, I always love to keep busy! Sadly I can't say too much but, I can say they involve glamorous locations, a rigorous work schedule and some of the most talented and amazing people I've had the honour of working with ! I'm very excited for 2018, it's already been crazy busy and so much fun !

IM : What do you enjoy doing for fun ?

GP : My tastes vary, vastly, very quickly, ha ha ! I'm such a geek at times and love vegging out with a good series or gaming on the PS4! If I'm travelling I love to read a good book, Stephen King being my personal favourite. I love going to the gym and I try to stay active playing sports, but I suppose ultimately, I'm a social person and I have the most fun hanging with family and friends. Soppy I know !

IM : Is there anything in your modelling career so far that you'd like to achieve ?

GP : Of course, there are things I aspire to, as is natural progression in any job but, to be honest I didn't plan or think I would make it anywhere within this industry, as it is so tough, that anything I do get to do or any moments of artistic beauty I get to capture is honestly just a total boost! I mean, It's always appearing on covers of magazines and having interviews. At events and award shows there's so much recognition and appreciation that you can’t help but feel lucky !

IM : Do you have any words for your army of fans out there who will be reading this ?

GP : Just as usual a huge thank you for the continued support! I've met a lot of great fans through many different platforms, be it in person or digital. It always amazes me just how wonderful and truly colourful you guys are. I love being a part of the fan community because of the passion and fierce loyalty that emanates there, it's not really something you can find so easily in other aspects of life !

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