Straight Ahead - Cover Story

This month's cover model is the handsome Gary Best.

ImmortalMag : When or how did you start modelling ?

Gary Best : I started modelling a few years back, I was always told by friends I should do it, but I always thought they were having a laugh, a few years back I actually gave it a try, and here I am today still doing it.

IM : When you were approached by Nige, what did you think ?

GB : I was approached by Nige through a site called Purpleport, if I remember rightly it was after he recognised me in my local supermarket. It felt quite good to be recognised, and as time went by we managed to get a shoot organised. Better late than never.

IM : What is it you enjoy about modelling ?

GB : I think the thing I enjoy most about modelling is that it is a confidence builder, it’s helped me massively build confidence, before this I was just painfully shy.

IM : How was it working with Nige ?

GB : I enjoyed working with Nige a lot, all the shots we got that day were really good, I struggled to narrow down the huge volume of shots we managed to get in that day, I think you have to be quite brutal with the decisions in that situation to pick the best ones.

IM : How do you prepare for a shoot ?

GB : To prepare for a shoot I like to make sure I’ve got everything in order, so any clothing I'd need to take I always make sure is ready and prepared, I never like to get 100% ready until I’m at the shoot, just in case something needs to change like the style of my hair etc.

IM : What is it about being a model that excites or inspires you the most ?

GB : I think what inspires me the most is getting great shots, that's what it’s all about at the end of the day. No one wants to see ok shots, they have to be great. And if you don’t get great shots there’s really no point in the shoot, I like knowing that the shots I’ve got a great shots, it’s a fulfilling experience, especially when the people who doubted you in the 1st place see them and are forced to eat their own words.

IM : What do you like doing in your spare time ?

GB : Spare time is something I don’t get a lot of to be honest, so I try to squeeze what I need to do in whenever I can like the shoots. Most of my time is spent at work, but most days I'll go to the gym to push myself, I think modelling does help, a bit of extra effort be forced in there as well, another aspect in life to progress in. Other than that I build ridiculous and expensive cars that I take to shows.

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